Makerspace Inventory (Reflection)

When thinking about the Makerspace, we wanted to take a more unconventional approach in our space. Here, we wanted to match media and the creation of artifacts with regular school projects and curriculum. Teachers and students can use this equipment to add audio and visual components to their schoolwork; that would provide a better idea of execution and assessment. We figure, if students can relay and retell stories whether their own, historical accounts, or literature, it signals a more well rounded learning experience and exhibits a true grasp on the information. Pairing students with the technology and social networking platforms to share their work immediately, we hope will excite and inspire the students. This approach, and all approaches to education must consider this technological component. In this 21st Century world, we must equip students to be 21st century learners. Along with pairing technology with curriculum, students can use the Makerspace in their free time for more interest based learning with specialists, professionals, and their peers. Students can earn a badge in a related field that is recognized by other institutions.

I merged a working model with a model that I always wanted to come to fruition. Working in West Humboldt Park, as well as having worked on the Southside in the Englewood neighborhood, I know that these spaces are instrumental to these neighborhoods. In this digital age, where new music and dance crazes can go viral virtually unexpectedly, and teenagers use their social networks to become celebrities, they find much value in curating, creating, and sharing their own content. These students are producers and discover and develop talent in the most incredible and unexpected ways. I chose many of the items for the space, based on the need and the use. Many of these items are just out of reach due to the cost. If there was a space that provided students with tools for their toolboxes, they could save time and money, pursuing avenues that do not work for them, while investing their efforts into something that they really enjoy. These students can began building their careers and portfolios in our Media Makerspace. The goal is to introduce these students to themselves and their interests earlier.

I feel confident in my efforts and contributions to my group. A group member was a bit delayed in acquiring their Google account, which made it difficult for them to contribute. This tended to slow and inconvenience the group due to having to spend time explaining, and sharing information that we had already gone over. The other group members took initiative in some part of the process where we were all able to add to the whole.

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