How to Recover From Any Loss
Todd Brison

Can’t really say any of this will help me. Perhaps recovery is different for everyone. Though time is universal for everyone. Time will almost certainly heal all wounds for everyone including myself.


I actually have to do the opposite which is Do Something because if I were to do nothing in my house, you can bet I’ll be reliving the past in my brain over and over again. I find just taking a walk and getting some fresh air helps. Eating a nice meal definitely helps me. A bucket of juicy fried chicken will probably make all my troubles go away.

It means “slowly, slowly.”

Again, doesn’t help me to realize its a slow process. If anything, I need it out of my head, asap.

#3 Remember Your Why (or create a new one)

You mean why I feel pain or why my life sucks? Doesn’t that just make the past alive and kicking again?

#5 Fun

I’m all for fun but there is no way I can have fun while thinking about the past. Not feasible to do at all.

New ideas are what change addition to multiplication.

I’m bad at math.

And once you start multiplying, it’s hard to be stopped.

Not enough you already have problems with addition.

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