Papers of Famous Sculptor Confirm Identity of Mount Rushmore’s Chief Carver
Library of Congress


Though I often ponder whether they made a mistake on the Roosevelt. Theodore (Not the chipmunk) is no doubt a great president but greater than FDR? The guy is so famous that you only need to type his initials! FDR and the Allied powers fought Nazis in the biggest world war in history and won. Surely, that and his record 4-term presidency deserves a nice portrait on a piece of rock?

Another questionable president on Mt Rushmore is Jefferson. Again, no doubt a great president, but a better replacement for him would be Donald Trump. Just kidding, haha, j/k. Calm down, a sense of humor is a good thing. But really, I think Ronald Reagan deserves a portrait on a rock. Winning the Cold War, stabilizing and securing a better future for Eastern Europe, and ultimately winning against tyranny and Communism are no small potatoes.

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