This Is the Reason Why People Resist Change
Gustavo Razzetti

Fear is the main motivator for many arguments, wars, and fights we had, have, and will have in the future.

It is also the cause of many problems, for instance, our current president. A main reason that he was elected was fear of globalization and disappearance of the old way of life.

I believe fear is why the gun debate lingers on in this country while countries like Japan and Singapore no longer have this debate and their citizens very safe. Rural folks living in long stretches of barren land may not readily have law enforcement available and so have to protect themselves for the most part while city folks are more or less safe with police presence omnipresent. The fear of death is usually the ultimate fear and cannot be easily overcome.

Most fears can be overcome. The irony is that in overcoming them, you face them head on. The challenge is in recognizing this fact and having the will and fortitude to make it happen.

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