“But It’s Your Major.” So what?
Emily Yu

Firstly, who cares? Who cares what ppl especially strangers think? I grapple with this notion when these ppl in question are my parents but still who cares what they think when they are clearly wrong?

I like this movie Blackhat but as a guilty pleasure because it is a really bad movie with comical plot holes. However, I like how they cast Chris Hemsworth as a genius computer hacker. I mean who would think Thor is a hacker? But such is life and not every computer genius is black or nerdy looking or some obese guy in a basement.

If anything the tech boom has proven that clothes do not make the man anymore. The guy in the hoodie may possibly be the richest guy in the room. I went to my Lambo dealership and bought my car in a hoodie and jeans. Nothing is ever what it seems anymore.