When delivery is free, will ownership survive?
Seth Miller

Great article in that it really stirs the brain cells and makes ppl wonder and think which is always a great hallmark to any work written or visual.

It’s pretty amazing the world that we live in now and I certainly see this shared model everywhere ala Spotify and I actually heard of some companies that rent clothes as you said. This is actually nothing new because we already have ppl renting high priced clothing like gowns and tuxs for special occasions.

I personally never buy any dvds or cds for the same reason. Too much inventory as you said really clutters my apt. The modern apt really requires no book shelves or cabinets. My audio system is Sonos which is just speakers controlled by my phone or tablet. I honestly don’t know why they don’t make TVs with their own adjustable stand so I won’t need to install on the wall or buy a TV stand.

I actually see the TV set as a waste of space and there should be some 3D projection system ala Iron Man coming soon at Best Buy.

Do we need things? Personally, not me. I don’t cook so I save a lot of money on kitchen utensils and cookware. Do we need stupid little electronic gadgets? I really don’t think so because last time I checked everything is pretty much there on your smart phone. I do feel I have too many computers and tablets which are just begging to be replaced with holographic forms either from eye wear or your watch.

Something that I have are exercise equipment which I don’t see how they can be replaced. Anyway I try to be resourceful and just have the bare minimum like a chin-up bar and dips station.

Do we need chairs and tables? Maybe, but I eat out often. Something we definitely need is food. We will always have to buy food no matter how cheap the distribution costs. Everyone owning their own farm is simply not viable (ie. roosters, cows, corn, etc..)

I’m not sure I’m into renting clothing. Sounds icky wearing stuff that many ppl wore many times. Fine for special occasions since they don’t happen often but for everyday clothes? Maybe in the future, everyone wears that tacky one-piece you see in the sci-fi movies. Sucks for designers, but I think I’ll survive ;)

Lastly, one thing we can never get rid of is the bed. Where the heck will we sleep without it? Or will we have a special pill that can replace sleep? That might be possible. And what about TP? Can someone invent a better, more effective, less dirty way to clean our butt holes? This person will undoubtedly become the first trillionaire.

But other than these few things or I’m hoping they can be replaced, I’m all in into not owning anything.

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