Understanding Brand Legends Will Make You A Master Marketer
Jasmine Bina

Great read. I’m not sure that Lambo is more a brand legend than Ferrari. Car enthusiasts would disagree with you there because anyone that knows about cars or at least an avid viewer of Top Gear or The Grand Tour will know a Ferrari is far superior than a Lambo mechanically and also in terms of pure driving experience.

I guess in terms of just the brand, maybe. But really mostly from the iconic design of the Countach and really nothing else. I doubt most ppl even know the short history of Lambo that you just wrote.

Also, I would say history plays a big part in making a brand legend. For instance, McLaren, many would argue not only built some of the perfect sports cars on paper but has won many races in professional motor racing but still, they are not on the same level of the holy trinity: Porsche, Ferrari, and Lambo. What these 3 brands have in common which McLaren doesn’t is long history with Porsche being the oldest dating back to the 1930s.

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