If you’re not going to even bother reading objective journalism on the topic there is no point…
Tom Price

Hey, I read the article. It’s just predictions, no hard facts.

But if everything goes to plan and governments mandate only electric then sure, it will happen. Already, the beautiful sounding NA Porsche engine is gone because of emission guidelines.

But governments can only impose such bans if its feasible and its definitely not feasible when there is not enough working charging stations. Not everyone has the luxury of a personal garage.

My prediction remains, it won’t happen in the prescribed timeline. Comparing it with replacement of horse and buggy is silly. The horse and buggy was clearly impractical compared to the car. Ppl were glad they don’t have to own horses anymore and feed them regularly. However, EVs doe not provide the same benefits to the individual. Quite the opposite. Due to lack of charging stations, EVs are more impractical than their gas counterparts. You can ask anyone that has ever owned an EV.

And AEV is another story which really doesn’t matter if EVs fail. Also, would you be happy if its AGVs and not AEVs that became the norm? Doubt that you will.

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