The incuriousness of Donald Trump
Adam M. Lowenstein

His cabinet reads and that’s what really counts particularly the guys in charge of our economy because that’s what everyone really cares these days. Of course, we should not take for granted of the defense dept because all the money won’t do us any good if we go Kaboom.

Reading and curiousness is nice but how about a president with a backbone? I do admire the eloquence of Obama’s speeches but without a backbone (ie. the thin red line for Syria), it’s all BS. And Dubya? I mean he brought us Isil and responsible for the deaths of many American troops that exceeded the death toll of Sept. 11 for an imaginary mission. End of story and one of the worst presidents ever. My memory is excellent and time will not help Dubya as far as I’m concerned.

One thing Trump will give us is jobs and why he’s president. Also some backbone is always nice. It’s been embarrassing to not have one for last eight years before Trump’s presidency.

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