We All Wear Masks — On False Friendships and Counterfeit Happiness
Charles Chu

I actually cannot take my mask off for fear criminals will target ppl closest to me. I’m Batman.

I actually disagree, we don’t have to compare and we can help it. It starts with a healthy state of mind. Perhaps a more accurate statement would be competitive humans compare; they just can’t help it. It’s all about being grateful, being happy for one another, and wishing well of one another.

I disagree on social media making it easier for us to lie. Quite the opposite. Social media has made ppl’s lives more transparent. While its true some of them may be sensationalized, we can actually see via pictures and videos how the other side lives. On pictures and videos being untruthful, this is not so much the fault of social media but issues that existed since the birth of photography and video. In terms of text, although its easier for us to hide our true identity, the anonymity allows us to express how we really feel which is a good thing in assessing popular opinion.

You ever heard the saying, “Fake it until you make it”? It’s not a bad thing. So if I’m not confident, I’ll fake it until I am. If I’m not happy, I’ll fake it, until I am. And guess what when the end result happens? This mask that speak of? It’s no longer a mask, it’s you. Who decides which is the real you? Only you.

When I was in school, I was struggling and needed help. I met a guy from class who was really smart and I thought I’ll make him my friend so he can help me out. Basically, the only reason why I wanted to be his friend was so he can help me with my school work. If it wasn’t for this reason, I would not even want to be around with him since he’s a geek and I don’t want to hang out with geeks.

Long story, short. We became best friends and I attended his wedding as his best man. Initially wearing a mask in this case, actually allowed me to develop a closer relationship. The ending of Batman Begins speaks volumes here. Batman has become so much of Bruce Wayne that he is not wearing a mask anymore. He IS Batman.

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