Deeper Tech is Sexy, Again!
Rodrigo Martinez

I concur.

Look at the time when Apple and Microsoft were slugging it out, the age of the PC. Just Xerox alone came up with GUI OS, OOP, and LAN. WTF? We went from giant IBM mainframes to laptops that can be used on your lap, hence the name.

Fast-forward to age of the internet and really the only revolutionary thing about it is the internet itself! I mean does e-commerce and social media even count as innovations? They are just by-products of the internet. Is on-line porn revolutionary? You bet that is! But everything else are just by-products of the internet and deemed inevitable.

Fast-forward to current times. I’m still scratching my head why Slack is revolutionary. It’s just a stupid chat program. Ok, for business use, wow!

And don’t get me started on programming tools. I’ve been coding for over 2 decades — roughly since the internet became popular and at worst I still have to create these stupid components from scratch and at best use third-party stuff via CLI with no agreed upon API. The popular UI model, Redux, is really a do-it-yourselfer. Even though you download its library, you still have to write most of the code (actions, action creators, reducers) all on your own. More work, but great job security!

Apple is really struggling lately in terms of ideas. Don’t get me wrong, I would still own their stock because of their app store but that’s really the only reason. Their coolest thing currently is wireless ear phones…I mean I guess it’s something.

Let’s look at the latest features of their latest iPhone X:

No home button — wow, as if that was really taking so much space. They claim the entire surface can be screen which is actually bad because where can you hold it without the touch sensors getting triggered?

Face ID — a great thing for hackers to outsmart which is probably not even in beta.

Wireless charging — I did see the charging pad where you just throw a bunch of your apple stuff there and they’ll all charge but really, how often do you charge everything at once? And oh great, another Apple accessory that I have to buy. Brilliant sales technique.

And there goes all the main features of their latest iPhone. Personally, I won’t be upgrading. I think the next time that I upgrade is when they come up with a true water-proof phone that I can use while scuba diving because that’s something we all need.

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