You Have to Show Up. Every. Day.
Zak Slayback

I feel this article is a bit misleading. It doesn’t look like showing up is enough. According to article, you have make a routine into habit and make sure these habits match your personality and then work on them until they become habits just to achieve your goals — whew! Just writing this is a lot of work, never mind actually doing it.

Now contrast this to certain jobs I have held and the title rings true. These jobs basically paid me for showing up and I didn’t have to do anything! Well, almost nothing because I had to get up and walk there or commute there depending on the proximity and then I had to sit there entire day surfing the web and then around 2 pm I would go to lunch for an hour. Depending on my mood, I would return to “work” or just go home. Although this sounds cool, there were jobs where I basically work from home or a few days a week working from home which means 3–5 days weekend! Basically, for these jobs, I don’t even have to show up!

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