Why ‘Detroit’ Flopping At The Box Office, Signals A Dent In Hollywood’s Appetite For Black Movies…
Ezinne Ukoha

I saw the film and it was very good as with most of Ms. Bigelow’s films. The action is intense and riveting and although not as good as The Hurt Locker, it’s up there. I did not really like ZDT because it was unbalanced and they sorta tacked on that long, boring 2 hrs of pointless story-telling before they got to the last 30 mins which everyone paid money to see.

My assessment on it under-performing is the release date and this movie had the same problem as Cinderella Man which bombed big time as well and CM had Russell Crowe which was a mega star at the time.

Both movies are historical and based on true events. In a nut shell, nobody wants to go to a history class in the middle of the summer. We just wanna chill and relax at the beach and then chill some more and have a good time at the movies. It’s summer movies time so bring on the Avengers and other comic book movies. The less we have to think, the better because we’re too busy munching on candy and popcorn.

Also, there have always been a lot of these race movies in Hollywood and while I personally enjoyed them — some of my favorites are The Great Debaters and 12 Years a Slave — I think its been inundated with the peak being when 12 Years a Slave won Best Picture. I remembered when I saw The Express about discrimination against a black football player and I was the only person watching and this movie just came out. Basically, these movies had the same effect as Holocaust movies. Ppl just have enough and want to see something else. But they will come back since Hollywood likes trends.

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