My Incredibly Simple Guide To Stoicism — Learn Wisdom You Can Practically Use
Tim Denning

I tell you, these Stoics are really smart ppl. Although, I’m proud that I’m already practicing some of these principles, there are still others that I need to learn and/or master.

Here are some ideas that really resonated on me:

In simple terms, fear is a self-fulfilling prophecy. What you put out comes right back at you.

I remembered meeting my gf’s ex and thinking, Oh man, I think they’re going to get back together — fear. Sure enough, after a month, they did. And this happened so many times that if you even think it or fear it, it will come true.

Quick tip: try eating a really cheap meal for a whole week every two months. Eat like you have almost no money. This will teach you to not only appreciate the nice meals but to be okay if you ever face poverty and have to live on very little money for a while. I know a few people that do a beans and rice meal for this week of living it rough. Try it!

Haha. Already doing this but not as a choice but because I’m drowning in debt and so I can only eat well one week but the next week have to eat fast food. And I must say, its quite humbling and works very well. After a week of McDonald’s, deli sandwiches, and instant noodles, I must say, that 20 oz prime rib is damn, juicy…just damn, juicy. The 3 lb lobster? Better than sex. And rice and beans? Personally, I take that with 2 pieces of fried chicken over the lobster or prime rib any day.

Don’t wreck the purpose of your life by trying to impress others.

This used to be my life and was for more than half my life. What a waste. Don’t make the same mistake that I made. It’s meaningless because these ppl, most of which you probably don’t know, they will have opinions and most of them will be bad because ppl in general will be jealous so why would you want a bunch of ppl to hate you? Simply put, who give a F what everyone else thinks of you? This takes confidence, purpose, and a longing for freedom to achieve which will bring much peace and happiness to your life. In the age of claps, likes, and followers, this principle is more relevant than ever before.

Think of your problems in relation to the sky.

Now and then, I like to take a walk to the park or just get away from the city. It frees your mind and you appreciate life more and you see things like your problems in relation to bigger things like the sky, stars, moon, mountains, or just nature in general.

A long drive makes me realize how long a highway is and how it just stretches and stretches into the vanishing point. So much open space and vastness of trees and desert to marvel and admire, I feel silly to even care about the minute problems in life.

When I go skiing, I like going to the very top just to look below from the summit and see how small everything is — and they are just that, small.

Although, not everyone can go to the moon or outer space, a trip to the museum would suffice in realizing the earth is just a tiny planet next to other planets and the sun and this solar system is a tiny spec in the universe.

You don’t even have to go outside of the city to look out the window from a high rise building and watch the ppl below. They look like tiny ants. Somewhere in the corner, someone is yelling on the phone or a push cart vendor is arguing with customers, blah, blah, blah, etc, etc, etc. It’s all trivial from up here so why should it be any different down there?

There is never an end to the personal development journey.

Some recent college graduates think, oh great, no more school. Surprise, surprise. School is 24 hours a day if you want to succeed, have a nice home and nice car. And as this article mentioned, everyone has a choice. They can choose not to continue learning which may very well result in them disappearing in mediocrity and boring, mundane lives and possibly poverty and dire circumstances depending on their degree of ambivalence in self-improvement.

How you handle disaster is everything.

Ppl like to brag how well they are doing in their investment portfolio when times are good but the thing is, everyone is doing well when times are good. It’s how well you do or recover when the S hits the fan.

There is a reason why ppl admire self-made billionaires more than the ones who inherited their fortunes. It takes great courage and titanium conviction to plow through poverty to emerge not only rich but rich beyond imagination. There is a spark going on in this person that told him not to give up despite naysayers and pundits saying otherwise.

Practice being a good human being and you’ll have one hell of a life.

Why not tell a joke to brighten up a boring meeting? I did that a few times today at our meeting ;) Or help a tourist with directions? Maybe surprise some kids with presents during the holidays? Or help out at a homeless shelter. But be forewarned, most likely you won’t get anything back in return, not even a thank you. I used to think, What a bunch of ungrateful a-holes! I mean is it that much to ask for appreciation?!?! But that is the wrong way of thinking because if only one person appreciates and smiles, that should be enough. If no one appreciates or smiles, the act of giving should be enough. We cannot take eternally and in order to achieve balance, we must give back. I donate every time someone asks me to at the register. Hopefully, they are legit charities, but its restorative thinking. It’s bountiful thinking — there is plenty of money out there, money comes in and money goes out. We can all enjoy a piece of the pie.

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