What to expect from PMs
Julie Zhuo

I used to work at this fortune 500 company that did not have PMs. Needless to say, it was a s-show.

For those wondering what work is like without PMs:

BAs, designers, developers, and QA all fought for control, more time, and which group is more important.

In this particular company, usually the developers would win because they would say the design can’t be done and also if they don’t get more time, they won’t be able to deliver the product.

The BAs would dictate the design since they are closest to the users. Usually designers there have to kow-tow to them and do their bidding. Often times, the designer is basically reporting to the BA rather than his own boss.

The design team were often the biggest losers. They were left with a week for coming up with a design while BAs, developers, and QA got months.

Meetings were a power struggle. I’m in charge…no, I’m in charge…no, I’m in charge.

It’s hard to wonder what was going in the heads of upper management of that company to not hire PMs but I can’t really come up with any excuse for them other than that they’re stupid or incompetent or both?

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