Our Consumption Model Is Broken. Here’s How To Build A New One.
Ali El Idrissi

Kinda sounds like we’re heading towards the future depicted in the Pixar cartoon, Wall-E. Anyway, I never liked that cartoon.

I haven’t bought anything for the longest time. What more does one need if he has a basic wardrobe? Mine consists of 2 pairs of slacks, 3 shirts, some socks, and a jacket. I like to go commando so there, I’m saving the environment by not wearing any underwear. Happy? But my balls do get cold come winter time.

I used to think how nice to own a home and buy real furniture? But reality and perception are two different things. I like an empty home now and so only own a bed, TV, and a bench. Ok, I own a TV table but not my fault. These TVs should really come with their own stand.

In terms of food, I actually try to eat less these days. Saves money and more time to do other stuff like sleep.

Public transportation is quite adequate for me. I’ll admit that I currently own two gas guzzlers, one with 10 cylinders and the other with 6, but will be selling them shortly not because of the environment but because it’s a lot of time and money to maintain them.