Your Competition Is Magnificent — Quit Being A Sook
Tim Denning

Number 8 is particularly interesting and Jobs did this quite brilliantly when he regained his helm at Apple by forming a partnership with Microsoft.

Of course, when he announced this on stage in front of Apple employees, everyone booed. But then he goes on to make to say that we must stop this notion of thinking that in order for Apple to win, Microsoft must lose and everyone cheered.

But the truth is, they really needed the money from Microsoft. Times were dire for Apple and stock price at $5/share (Think how much money you would’ve made had you bought Apple stock back then ;)).

Of course, the rest is history. Apple goes on to becoming the biggest company on the S&P 500 with its market cap doubling that of Microsoft’s. Consumers clearly favor the easy-to-use iPad over the Windows counterpart. Jobs has won.

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