The Most Important Question of Your Life
Zat Rana

Simply put, you shouldn’t worship anything or anyone. Period.

Worshiping women has been problematic for me in the past. I treat them as these little innocent, pretty ppl, but nah, they’re just a bunch of lying biatchz. But that’s just my experience so don’t judge me for saying it. Seriously, if you worship women, don’t. They will take advantage of you and treat you like garbage. This is true of anyone, though and I will discuss more on this later.

Worshiping God, not a good thing. Pretty sure this is a controversial one for those religious but think about it for a moment if you can, objectively. You essentially giving all your power to Him when you should have this power so you can take control of your life. God will not help those who are idling by.

By now, you should see a pattern here and what the author said is essentially true — anytime you worship, you giving away your power. I used to worship my parents and you guess it, even my parents of all ppl, take advantage of this and basically make me pay for everything and do all the work around the house until I was like, I’m outta here. There was something to be gained from that experience, however, because from any type of pain or hardship, comes a lesson or lessons. And as a result, I’m pretty self-sufficient in terms of making money and any type of chores around my home like cooking, cleaning, and repair work.

Worshiping things and money has never really been a problem for me because after decades of owning stuff, I began to realize that none of these things bring long lasting happiness. I own and driven a Lamborghini and racing it down the highway at 130 MPH at it was exhilarating to say the least but after a year of doing this, I was quite bored. I know some ppl might think Yeh right, or think, Show off, but I’m just telling you this because you would think a guy who owns a Lamborghini would be extremely happy, but this is just not true. The maintenance costs are thru the roof. I literally cannot drive this car outside without ppl trying to cut me off or prevent me from merging or spitting, putting empty bottles, or stomping on it while its parked on the street. So many haters out there, that its just incredible to me. I guess they all assume that I’m rich but I’m not. The fact is, I saved for over 2 decades for this car. I’m just a hard working person who saves diligently and who loves driving. I even got it in black so not to attract too much attention and still you get all these stupid haters who just assume, oh rich dude. Anyway I agree, 1st world problems. If I’m lucky I get a microbe playing a violin for me. But the point that I was trying to make is even a Lambo gives you one year tops of enjoyment so no need to worship it or even pursue it? Money probably better spent on many vacations or a nicer home?

I’m sure there are probably more things that you shouldn’t worship but one final person you shouldn’t worship is yourself. Do you really need a bigger ego? As if we don’t have enough of this type of person. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t love yourself which is the complete opposite. In the end, it really is about balance and staying balanced and you should do fine.

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