A Bad Attitude Guarantees You’ll Never Achieve Massive Success
Anthony Moore

If your closest friends have no desire to be successful, it’s very unlikely you’ll achieve enormous success.

So what? Abandon my closest friends just because they’re a bunch of losers? I will never do that because even though they ARE a bunch of losers, they’re my bunch of losers.

And what if this is your family? My parents have extremely low standards. My dad is a chain smoker and a gambling addict. But his worst qualities are being extremely pessimistic and negative. For example, I would enter an arts contest and he would say, You’ll never win. Do I stay away from them as well because they lack inspiration?

BTW, I won that art contest that year and the one next year, back to back. For me, I don’t see negative ppl as a bad thing, but it can be a good thing to use them to propel you to success and prove them wrong.

There was a study done on why certain kids perform better than other kids. Namely, Asian and Indian kids did much better than everyone else. Of course, this seemed controversial at first because it looks like a race trend. But they also found Mormons did just as well. What made these kids so special? They found one quality that was common among all the successful kids which was their desire to prove themselves to others— prove to their parents, their friends, the status quo, and society. Their need to prove themselves to others help fuel their success.

I’m living proof of this finding. When I won the first contest, I realized my dad is not always right. I also knew the next year, he would say the same thing so I worked even harder to win next year. I also refused to end up like him so I don’t smoke at all. I gamble from time to time but I always use the money on my right-side pocket and once that’s gone, I’m done. Gambling is not necessarily bad if you use your grade school math, know the odds, and have self-control. My dad was also a compulsive liar and would swear every other word in a sentence. Basically, I gather all the negative qualities from him and my family and basically swore that I won’t do any of them.

It’s really about picking and choosing qualities versus choosing ppl. So my parents may not be most optimistic and most positive influences in my life, but they had some good qualities, too like generosity and forgiveness. These are good qualities to have and so I choose to practice them. My friends may not be the most successful or most famous bunch of ppl but they’re still my friends and they have some great qualities like bravery and loyalty. Not to mention your friends and family would probably be the most authentic ppl you’ll know and why you associate with them often.

And when you realized your potential and that you’re the sole decision maker, everything else is noise. This is called confidence and conviction and nobody and touch or change them when you have them.