My Story of Voluntary Homelessness, and Why YOU SHOULD DO IT TOO
Viviana Rose

Sounds totally stupid to me. I mean I know, I shouldn’t even read this article but unfortunately the Medium digest took me here. 5 minutes of my life wasted and counting while I’m replying but I’ll make it brief.

It’s called a long vacation or a long camp trip. No need to sell all your stuff and go homeless.

As one reader mentioned, you are not homeless so don’t use this term. You’re some privileged spoiled brat who decided one day that it be cool to be the main character from Into the Wild. You’re only lucky that you didn’t end up with the same fate that he did.

I’m seriously bothered when you make homelessness an adventure which you are doing in this article. It’s not. Real homeless ppl with no money and no shelter die in the streets everyday. You should be ashamed of yourself for trivializing this segment of the population. Call it whatever you want, call it a spiritual journey, just don’t called it homelessness.

As another reader mentioned, it’s no fun when you have no choice. You are not brave because you always have a choice. If you think pretending to be someone you’re not is fun and have no qualms accepting the kindness of strangers because they were misled by your visage, then you a psychopath.

Definitely one of the dumbest things I ever read here on Medium.

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