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What’s stopping you from taking the occasional stroll?

Terrific advice. I recommend everyone do this right now ;)

In one study, for example, researchers observed the effects of something as simple as having a window view in the office on worker satisfaction and stress level. In a sample of over 900 people, the results showed a direct correlation between job outlook and natural exposure.

I once interviewed at a job where the interviewer showed me where I would be sitting after the interview. It was a small room with no windows at all — literally the space of a walk-in closet. Needless to say, I immediately told the recruiter, Not interested!

Naturally, not everyone lives close enough to large forests and natural landscapes, but the core idea extends beyond that. Smaller parks and other natural areas provide similar benefits with greater convenience.

Having a small park and a river right next to my door were the main reasons for deciding the location of my home.

I enjoy outdoor activities like mountain biking and skiing. Really lots of fun and depending on the level can be packed with a adrenaline rush and not to mention terrific exercise to keep your body in shape. But what I enjoyed most these days since I’m a bit older ;) is the scenery. During my younger days, I don’t really stop to look because I was too busy jumping off cliffs and perfecting my technique but that gets old when you ARE old, haha. Although, I rarely come across bike trails that are scenic, skiing will always give you an amazing view of nature especially at the summit of the mountain. I highly recommend it and it does not require great skills because there are always easier trails from the top (Maybe not at Jackson Hole, though).

I also enjoy driving and driving to the ski area can be just as soothing because you come across twisty and windy roads. Speed is also slower since these are small roads in small towns and sometimes even dirt roads. Though be warned, night driving is not so great as there may be no lights except the ones on your car. It’s a great break from the normal rush hour or city traffic driving which is never missed.

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