Racism: Trending Topic of 2017
Joel Leon.

The issue of race can only be eradicated through education. So as long kids are raised in a racist backdrop, this would continue on to next generations.

Growing up, I was lucky that my grade school had an extremely effective program to educate students about the dangers of drugs and alcohol. To this day, its teachings still have an effect on me and I still never tried any illegal drugs, abuse alcohol, or had even a cigarette.

This kind of program is needed to teach kids that it is wrong to judge ppl by their skin, religion, or sexuality. I think if we have such programs just like the one I had that educate the dangers of drug abuse, we will finally see an end to such racial issues.

Growing up, there was never a class or teacher that told us racism is wrong. Or gay-bashing is wrong. My parents are actually racists against black ppl but I did not really follow their path. My dad smoked and gambled but I did not follow his ways. I’ve been guilty of making fun of gay ppl but I know now that is wrong. I feel fortunate that I’m able to make the right decisions but unfortunately this is not true of everyone and so it must start with the schools since not all parents know best.

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