Take a knee.
Patrick Gothman

To kneel or not to kneel, that is the question.

If I didn’t know better, I would think kneeling is showing more respect? For instance, just before proposing, the guy has to kneel to the girl. Or what about all those lowly servants kneeling to the king? But I digress.

Of course, society has these rules which says you must do this or you’re not respecting the flag and so and so. It’s pretty amazing but I once read something about the US Flag and all the ways that you would be disrespecting it, like wearing it as a cape or hanging it the wrong way, etc, etc. All these rules and if an alien landed here and didn’t know any better, he would disrespect the flag in so many ways unintentionally.

Personally, symbolism is nice and I get it, it represents our country and by doing so and so you’re disrespecting our country but let’s not get any deeper that it really is, its just symbolism. At the end of the day, you can burn the flag or whatever, it ain’t changing much for this country and this country will remain as it is unless there is some actual meaningful action.

So they can kneel for whatever reason, but it ain’t changing anything. There will still be bad cops shooting black ppl no matter how much they kneel. How about doing something that can actually make an impact like voting. I heard Kaepernick wasn’t even registered to vote. Even street protest has more impact than a bunch of football players kneeling because these protesters disrupt the regular flow of life and make us all stop and think. Kneeling disrupts nothing except when the stupid media feed the fire and hype it up like there is no tomorrow. If I didn’t watch the news, I wouldn’t even notice the guy kneeling or if I did I would be like, look at that guy showing even more respect to the flag than everyone else. Again, stupid rules. Rules against anarchy are good but rules on silly stuff, not so good.

I actually feel sorry for Kaepernick. The guy craves for attention. There are many ppl right now trying to make the world better by donating time and money who we don’t even know because they don’t want to be known. These ppl are real heroes who are actually making a difference without any need for recognition. Not some spoiled football player who didn’t even vote and sports a so-called disrespectful gesture to the flag. Everyone is making a mountain out of a molehill. Trump can talk all he wants, but I will just flip channels to something more interesting like football, but now football is about politics? Just stop and play already.

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