The iPhone X: Apple’s Ideology of American Techno-Exceptionalism
Five Alive

Too much doom and gloom for America. I’ll admit, you got me for a moment and then I realized, no wonder, written by an Asian dude.

I’m not even an Apple guy either and initially tried to avoid Apple products. My first smart phone is a Samsung. I totally switched when I tried the iPhone. The iPhone is way superior and not just from me but from every Android user that I know. That’s really all that needs to be said about Apple vs the other smart phone manufacturers.

As to Shenzen, I watched your video and what I see is a lot of knock-offs. You guys are great at copying, I’ll give you that, but innovation? Not so much.

the loss of American exceptionalism is unsettling

Really? Ask anyone in the world if they rather have something made in the USA or made in China. Just ask. Made in USA = quality. Made in Japan = quality. Made in China = break in a day or two.