If you’re not going to even bother reading objective journalism on the topic there is no point…
Tom Price

What is point of reading something that is pro-green and obviously biased?

This is like a democrat trying to make a point by sending you links to liberal web sites.

But really, all I am trying to say is this:

Look out the window. All the cars are gas-powered. Forget AEV. You’re lucky if in 15 years, most of the vehicles are even EV.

Here are some facts:

The first concept of an electric battery was explored by Benjamin Franklin in 1748.

In 1800, Alessandro Volta is credited to creating the first electrochemical battery.

Fast-forward 217 years to now, most of the cars today are still gas-powered.

So now, you’re saying in 15 years, 15 years this will all change? Seriously? And, and they’re all automated. I will bet my house and everything that I own that it won’t and I’ll be so rich.

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