This obsessing about the nature of creativity seems unique to the new millennial fascination with…
Peter Ashlock

Your response is actually more interesting that this boring article.

I agree. You cannot force innovation and creativity to happen, sometimes it just happens.

Though Xerox PARC might disagree you because they basically put these geniuses in a room filled with bean bags and came up with a GUI OS (which Jobs used for the Mac), object-oriented programming, and network computing. Go figure.

However, I can’t see why I can’t dream big for ideas, fame, and fortune. Certainly, society often frowns upon the boastful and less humble bunch and rather prefers their geniuses to be humble and seek neither fame or fortune. But why hide? If you are a smart guy who revolutionized the game industry, why not drive a bright red Ferrari?

But I get what you are saying. Society often eyes the prize without the effort. However, I find the prize is oftentimes the motivation for the effort. With Jobs, this may not be true. His prize was really his ego. He basically wanted to rule the world which he did at the end. Although not everyone can be a Steve Jobs, sometimes to reach point e, you have to aim for point z.

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