Information Sickness: How It Hurts Us And How to Escape
Charles Chu

You’ve validated my hunch all along. Which is, the Medium email that I receive daily with a bunch of article headlines is too much — info overload! Not to mention, not a “high-signal” source of truth since anyone can contribute here.

However, had I not scanned thru each and everyone of those articles from the email each day, I would not have read this piece! Irony. It’s everywhere.

I do like your advice:

On rolling around in the grass, it was fun I haven’t had in years! But I am still having trouble removing those grass stains. Perhaps a stronger detergent? I also have some weird stares from doing this and chasing the pigeons. But who cares, right? Their loss.

I love walking so long walks are not a problem for me. I find this actually helps me lose weight since I’m fat.

I feel that I don’t need to meditate only because I spend the majority of my time alone, by myself. But don’t feel sad for me because it just means I meditate for a good 10–12 hours a day.

Lastly, I feel watching the news on TV ain’t all that bad. TV for the most part is junk for your brain since it goes in and out — you never retain it. Ditto for news on TV. I listen, but I’m not really hearing it. I have CNN on all the time but its mostly for distraction while I read stuff on Medium and play games on my iPad.


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