Just a few hours ago a pair of cyclists almost run into me when I was crossing a road on a green…
Sergey Sobolev

I’m sorry to hear that. That does happen, just as cyclist and pedestrians almost being ran over by cars, or distracted pedestrians wandering in front of moving cars or any other combination. In all of the possible combinations, the one that’s more likely to suffer less harm will always be the driver.

The way people move through the city is changing and this requires adaptation from all parts involved, specially the ones that are the most shielded from harm. It’s extremely rare to hear about cyclist killing pedestrians by accident or pedestrians killing cyclist, but car killing both pedestrians and cyclists, that’s a whole different story…

I have used a car as my everyday mean of transport since I was 18 years old until I was 26, while living in one of the largest cities in the world. I was there when the bicycles started being considered a serious mean of transportation. I’ve seen lots and lots of accidents when the cars were forced to start sharing the streets with the bicycles (I once saw a cyclist’s head get smashed by the front wheel of a bus). In pretty much all the cases, what happened was that the driver felt it was his right drive drive by really close to the cyclist to express just how angry he felt that the cyclist dared to be on the same road as him. Unnecessary deaths that could have been avoided if people were just a little bit more human.

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