The Three Musketeers: a short love story

Not too long ago, in the very recent past, a union was formed between three men united by a common purposelessness. Tragic, but beautiful- no precedent exists. This bond would lead to many “ungreat” things and would remain unspoken of in the course of history.

Something to admire.


Brightest in his class- a very bright boy Tamuno was. Exams? Could pass those in his sleep. He had the admiration of all his peers and the community in its entirety. “Why can’t you be like Tamuno?” every mother said to her delinquent child.

One day, he hears on the radio that his state government is offering scholarships for students to go abroad to study. Tamuno was elated like never before. After two years of expecting, Tamuno finds himself in the United Kingdom. Oh happy day.

Fast forward to two years later:

Tamuno is at the Nigerian High Commission in UK, stranded begging for his outstanding fees to be paid. “No money” they keep saying.

“What about my allowance you promised” ; “No money”

“Can I get a ticket back home to Nigeria then?”; “No money”

Tamuno, five years ago, would have never imagined he’d be in this situation.

Tamuno: musketeer no. 1


Ifeanyi, Ifeanyi. Intelligent guy who just got a job in the Federal Civil Service. “Goodbye unemployment” he said.

Ifeanyi put in the work. First to come to work, last to leave. The Permanent Secretary always looked for Ifeanyi when he needed a good employee to deliver. What a lad!

Ten years later, Ifeanyi has only been promoted once. Certain fellows from a certain part of the country who came in years after him have been promoted four times already.

“Could it be that I’m not working as hard” He asked himself. “No never, that can’t be”

“Mr Perm Sec, can I know why?” He confronts Alhaji Perm Sec Oga Sir.”

“Ifeanyi, it’s nothing personal” he says “It’s just that I have to consider my people first. Unless, what kind of man will I be?”

Ifeanyi: musketeer no. 2


Ibrahim, a hardworking cobbler, just trying make ends meet. Honest man with a wife and two kids- three mouths to feed. He tries his best.

Ibrahim had always prayed that the senseless killings in his part of the country would stop. That they shall all live in peace. Truly, he was a man of peace.

After a day of hard work, Ibrahim is returning to his wife and kids when a soldier stops him. “You resemble Boko” he said. “Make I see your bag” the soldier said as he reached for his bag of cobbling equipment. Knives, razors, needles. Oh that doesn’t look good. Before he could explain himself he received a beating and found himself as the back of a truck with six other men.

It’s been two years now and Ibrahim is still in prison. No court, no lawyer, no access to his family. No one to call, no one to help.

Ibrahim: musketeer no.3

And so the union was formed. These men will probably never meet themselves but if they ever do, they will have a lot to talk about and they would make the best of friends. You could call them “The three musketeers in lieu” because their relationship is formed but yet to be formed.

They are united by a system which has failed them and continues to blame them for their misery. But at least, it could bring them together as friends. I mean, who needs dignity when they have friends?

A beautiful love story.

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