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I was a member at START Munich for 2 years and in August 2018 we needed to take an important decision: Terminate the club or try to get some new applicants and make it survive.

START Munich is a student entrepreneurship initiative, which brings together students from all backgrounds who want to start their own company.

Over the years, the club got smaller and smaller, fewer people knew about it and there were only 12 members left in total.

On this day in August 2018, we were in…

My last article, the UX Design Checklist, generated a lot of buzz. 12,000+ views on Medium and 37 messages in my inbox. It makes us super happy to see our best practices at Ryte helping other designers move the needle — thank you so much!

Apart from all the positive feedback, there was one problem with the UX Design checklist. It’s very tool-focused, which is why many of you asked if we can share our best practices for creating new landing pages or web projects.

We hadn’t yet formalized our best practices for that. We thought about it and there…

At Ryte, we constantly test all kinds of UX best practice including processes, design feedback, prototyping and many other things. We try to figure out what’s just a fad and what really moves the needle.

Over time we put together a sophisticated UX guide with all of our learnings that should have helped our growing design team build better products. After a while, we realized that no one was following that guide. It was somewhere hidden in the back corners of confluence, already starting to get dusty.

Luckily we figured out the problem: The guide was too extensive to be…

In order to reach our goal of building the most easy-to-use digital marketing toolset in the industry, we at Ryte know that we have to do extraordinary things. UX testing is no exception. These past few years we’ve gone to great lengths to understand our users and build the best possible experience for them. We’ve conducted hundreds of interviews and feedback sessions and have resorted to some very untraditional means to gather feedback (more to come on that).

Along the way, our UX team has learned that there is definitely a right and wrong way to gather design feedback. In…

One year ago we rebranded from to Ryte and during that we redesigned all our tools from the ground up. We were super motivated and started creating mockup after mockup. Four months later, we realized that the design of all three tools was moving in dramatically different directions. We were building multiple different solutions for the same UX problems and starting to create a huge mess. We needed to find a solution to avoid this problem …immediately.

There was no need to reinvent the wheel: our tools all had similar UX requirements. For example, with Website Success, you monitor…

Raphael Fleckenstein

I led the product design at Ryte from 250k to 1M users, built the website for @bitsandpretzels, built up

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