What’s the definition of irony?

For the last year, Molly and I have been talking about moving to Minneapolis so we can escape the horrible summers of New Orleans. During a typical summer in NOLA, the following things can happen:

  1. Full fledged hurricane with an evacuation
  2. Big thunderstorm where the power can be out for days afterwards
  3. Flooding as a consequence of 1 or 2
  4. Power goes out due to the electrical grid going out
  5. Boil water advisory where you can’t drink water for multiple days

We came up to Minneapolis in part because we thought that they had better infrastructure, more mild summers and it wasn’t as hot.

So of course I was a bit surprised when this happened last night.

Yep. Big power outage as a result of a big storm last night and we still don’t have power at our apartment here. Here’s what we’re talking about in terms of news and what I saw on my run this morning.

Irony is driving 1250 miles to get away from bad weather and getting your power knocked out on the second night in the city.
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