In today’s globalized and online world, customer service is key to differentiation and retention of clients; 52% of customers will stop patronizing a brand after one bad customer service interaction, and 66% of U.S. consumers say the most important thing a brand can do is value their time. How can IBM Watson’s APIs help companies improve their customer service departments?

IBM Watson has a new code pattern that will show you how to automate customer support for email in the telecommunications industry! You can clone the GitHub repo and follow along the demo video to set up an application capable…

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IBM THINK Conference in San Francisco

At IBM’s annual flagship THINK Conference (February 12–15 in San Francisco), there will be several great opportunities to learn about Watson Natural Language Classifier. We hope you will join us at a session with Lead Offering Manager Reid Francis on how NLC can jumpstart the AI journey for enterprises, and then try it hands-on at the 101 Lab or best practices session.

In an era of crowdsourcing, nothing stands out in scale like Wikipedia; since 2001 it has accumulated almost 5.8 million articles, and is a go-to resource for questions and curiosity about history, geography, politics, and just about anything else you might want to learn.

What if you could have a search bar to input your questions for Wikipedia directly, instead of jumping from page to page looking for a specific fact (which admittedly, can be incredibly fulfilling yet time-wasting)?

Better yet, what if this “Wikipedia search bar” could be trained to understand specific types of questions with just a few…

With the Super Bowl this weekend, there is so much to look forward to: the excitement of watching Tom Brady make his classic comeback, the inevitably epic commercials, and last but not least, a feast that rivals most holidays other than Thanksgiving.

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Earlier this football season, I used Fantasy Insights with Watson, a new feature of ESPN’s fantasy app, to win my league’s regular season and take 3rd place overall. The system relies on customized natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning techniques to process online content about football players (analyst reports, blogs, news, etc.), …

Raphael Sacks

Product Manager at IBM Watson

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