Rio terminal: A native and web terminal application powered by Rust, WebGPU and WebAssembly

Raphael Amorim
3 min readJul 7, 2023


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This article is a short introduction of Rio terminal. Rio currently is in the version v0.0.8. Many other features are in development.

Rio website:


Rio is perceived fast, there's few reasons behind the speed:

Still not convinced? try yourself:

Minimal tabs design

Rio tab system

Most of the times you don't want to be spammed by on-going processes that are happening in other tabs and if you are actively following multi processes then you can use tools like tmux to keep minimal and easy to the eyes.


Windows 10 and 11

Install guide:

Linux (X11 and Wayland)


Multi window support

The terminal supports multi window features in the following platforms: Windows, MacOS and Linux.

Run it everywhere

Rio terminal was created to run in Browsers and Desktop, allowing web users to create plugins for cross-platforms architectures.

Desktop (Rust and WebGPU)

Rio terminal with dracula theme:

Web (WebAssembly and WebGPU)

Rio WebAssembly version is still in progress, not available to usage yet

All the magic is possible due to Sugarloaf.

Rio renderer is called Sugarloaf which is capable to render for DX11, DX12, Metal, Vulkan, GLES3, Angle and Web surfaces through HTML5 Canvas (using WebGPU or WebGL).

Sugarloaf isn't dependent of Rio tools and environment, which means that you can use sugarloaf for any purpose you want by cargo crate usage

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