Everybody Wants a Harry Kane

As the ball bulged the back of Wembley’s net after a determined run and inch-perfect left-footed finish from Harry Kane, I couldn’t help myself but celebrate and cheer at the the top of my lungs. Spurs were 2–1 up against Borussia Dortmund in the first match of their Champions League campaign, thanks to an exquisite strike by our beloved number ten.

I had a brief rush of thought in between the adrenaline-filled seconds of emotion – how lucky are we to have Harry Kane?

There is a consensus among Spurs supporters that nobody ever expected him to evolve as he has done. But this consensus is not often spoken of in the footballing world, nor the importance, on and off the pitch, that Harry now represents to Tottenham.

Kane’s rise from academy outcast to Premier League golden boot winner is somewhat one of the most remarkable stories to be seen in recent times. The attention this gets, though, is surprisingly low. As much as the Spurs striker’s prolific goalscoring ability is spoken of in the general media, the truth is hardly ever mentioned: Harry Kane is much more than just a prolific striker – and every football team in the world would kill to have one of his kind.

What does this mean, “one of his kind”? Harry is a professional role-model. Determined, charismatic, light-hearted and believes in his team as much as he believes in himself. At the age of just twenty four, he displays the leadership and responsibility qualities mostly associated with veteran players in their early thirties. It’s no coincidence that Kane has held the position of Tottenham’s vice-captain since the start of the 2015/16 campaign.

Unlike other recent fan favourites, such Gareth Bale or Luka Modric, Kane was born and bred into Tottenham. A Spurs supporter himself, Harry made his way to the first-team from the club’s academy, breaking through in the 2014/15 season thanks to Mauricio Pochettino’s vote of confidence. This association to the club means that every Tottenham fan can connect and identify with Harry, and any goal scored by him has twice the amount of importance to the fanbase.

When Kane pulls the Lilywhite shirt on and sprints around the pitch, the supporters feel something that is quite hard to grasp in modern footballing times: representativity. The football club, its spirit, its culture and philosophy is entirely embodied by Harry – a comparison can be drawn with Francesco Totti and his synonymous meaning to Italy’s AS Roma.

There is a feeling of indescribable amounts of pride that Spurs fans take in Kane. In last night’s European triumph against Borussia Dortmund, there was a subtle instance which caught my eye. Harry received the ball about forty yards away from the opposition goal, and as he charged forward, the supporters in the stands around him were already standing up. All he has to do to get Spurs fans’ heart racing is to drive forward with the ball, no matter how far he is from goal – that’s the kind of player he is.

Last Sunday, Tottenham’s number ten reached the mark of a hundred goals for his club, seventy nine of them coming in the Premier League. Right footed, left footed, header, inside or outside the box, you name it. Harry Kane can do it. Against any opposition. And he especially loves scoring in London derbies.

With last night’s brace, Kane continues his impressive goal record in 2017, amassing a total of 29 goals in 27 appearances in all competitions – a better record than the likes of Cristiano Ronaldo.

And as he showed yesterday with a vintage performance, only the sky is the limit for the London-born boy, who undoubtedly will be looking to reach his hundredth Premier League goal this season, as well as helping Tottenham in their push for glory in all fronts.

As for us Spurs supporters, I can only ask once again – how lucky are we to have Harry Kane? I believe our luck is the kind you get once in a lifetime, and we can only stand up and drink in every single second of thrill and joy that he brings to us.

Kane is truly one of our own, so it is our unequivocal job to savour the experience for as long as we are able to.

Everybody wants a Harry Kane – but only we have Harry Kane.

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