Folia de Reis Penitentes do Santa Marta

The second time I went up the community of Santa Marta to photograph the Folia de Reis Penitents of Santa Marta . The relentless heat of Rio’s summer realized that would be a very late bathed in sweat. On top of a slab of the foliam members they were beginning to awaken to initiate the procession of Penitents of Santa Marta . At the end of the preparations representatives met in the room to sing songs and ask the blessing for the walk .

Members meet on the ledge before the start Folia
Members chanting and asking the blessing before leaving in procession
Children waiting anxious for the start of Folia

Meanwhile , children waited anxiously for the procession and the time to come face to face with the clowns or bastions , such as costumed members are also known . With a group of musicians and two clowns the procession followed by community alleys stopping at strategic places to honor distinguished residents .

Procession follows the community’s alleys
Folia de Reis Penitents of Santa Marta in the community high

The revelry exists there for over 50 years and is perpetuated from father to son . The tradition began in Ilha do Governador , where Luiz masters , Dodo and Diniz met Folia Master Joe Candido and were inspired to bring the event to Santa Marta .

With over 50 years of tradition in the community, the inheritance will passandod and father to son and loved ones