Meet 9 Startups Building the Enterprises of the Future

Raph Crouan
Jan 10, 2018 · 4 min read

Since the beginning of October at Startupbootcamp IoT, we’ve been supporting nine startups who are successfully uniting hardware, software and IoT technology to solve problems in industries such as agriculture, robotics and smart buildings. This has been part of a three month program which has seen the startups refine their product, acquire new customers and prepare for potential investment.

On January 24th our program culminates with Demo Day at the Science Museum (if you would like to attend then you can register for a place HERE) — a chance for each team to celebrate their work over the past few months and to present their company to over 300 partners, mentors, investors and potential customers.

Want to learn a bit more about what each startup is working on? Read on…


HUDlog has created the Atlas One — a Head-Up Display unit that projects a braking and accelerator guide, speed gauge and navigation controls through a commercial driver’s windshield, all to help correct expensive and dangerous driving behaviour in real-time. Through a web platform fleet managers can then monitor driver performance and reduce operational costs such as fuel and insurance.

Internet of Trees

Internet of Trees has developed the Fire Ranger — a connected module that attaches to a tree to detect smoke, fire, air humidity, and temperature variations in a forest. If a fire is detected forest managers and firefighters are alerted immediately via a mobile app or SMS. Key stakeholders can also use the mobile app to check on the status of each module and get a historical view of their forest’s health in order to make better decisions in the future.


Mothive combines easy-to-install field devices with cloud-based predictive models in order to generate real-time farming recommendations and alerts for high-value fruit and vegetable growers. Through a dashboard, farm managers and agronomists can track the health of their crops and the right time to pick them, with Mothive’s devices also able to control 3rd party systems such as irrigation and ventilation to drive farm automation and cost reduction.

Odyssey Sensors

Odyssey Sensors has created TankSentry — an out-of-the-box device that allows farmers to remotely monitor water points around their farms. Via their mobile app and dashboard, TankSentry alerts farmers to any issues in their water tanks or troughs as soon as they occur, saving farmers the countless man hours and fuel miles it currently takes them to manually check these points everyday.

Robotic Solutions

By connecting their Robox device to floor cleaning machines and installing a marker-based system in a building, Robotic Solutions is helping managers track the location and performance of their machinery to reduce operational costs. This tracking is the first step towards Robotics Solutions converting old machines into autonomous ones to create more efficient cleaning fleets.


Through their plug&play indoor sensors, Sonodot allows warehouse managers to track their forklifts in realtime and thus increase the safety and efficiency of their material handling operations. The data Sonodot collects is analysed through their platform, allowing managers to receive instant alerts, updates and recommendations on where and how their assets are operating. They can monitor employee performance, reduce misplaced stock and right size their fleet all from their web app.


Storybot is a screen-free game-ball helping children mix physical, social and digital play. By grabbing Storybot in their hand, every child is encouraged to move their body, use their voice and play with their imagination in order to complete a set of quests at home, outside or with friends and family. Different elastic skins can be wrapped around Storybot to determine the character, personality, and game the child is playing.


ThingBlox provides OEMS and developers with a complete communication module that is 100% secure. Simply plug ThingBlox into a connected device and each one will have secure wireless connectivity, hardware based authentication, and automatic mass provisioning. Their out-of-the-box module can be integrated by any device manufacturer without the need for deep security knowledge or communications experience. gives building managers unprecedented insight and control over when and where every individual is in their buildings. They do this by inserting their long-range RFID tag into an individual’s ID card, removing the need for them to tap, download, or sign-in to anything. Through’s simple web platform, managers can monitor individuals’ movements, create operational efficiencies, and automatically communicate directly with users in the event of an emergency.

Interested in meeting the startups for yourself?
Register for your Demo Day ticket HERE.

Raph Crouan

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Founder & CEO DisruptVenture / Ex CEO Startupbootcamp IoT / FTech London Founding Board Member / Adviser & occasional investor.

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