Here are some things i noticed while playing DoS2 on PS4.

I really liked the game so i thought i would share my experience and few issues i encountered throughout my gameplay.

As a side note, i used different “gift bags” (//add-on features) available in the game, including the “Improved organization” which allows you to organize your loot in different bags in your inventory. Be aware that it is on PS4 so the experience might be different on PC.

Let’s start with Quest log

There is 2 things here. 1. the Quest log doesn’t allow you to play around with…

The last of Us II

I love this game ! Just as i loved the first game. I can already see myself replaying this game more than once and i can’t wait to see what Naughty Dogs will offer us with the multiplayer mode. I wish i could have worked on a such a great game and help provide the best experience to the players.

This article is in no way supposed to be dismissive of all the great work that has been put into this game. It is mainly focused on things that could be change in order to improve the experience.

As i…

raphael leroy

I’m a psychology student (I-O psychology & ergonomics) passionate about video games and human behaviors. I combine games with different psychological concepts

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