API is the acronym for Application Programming Interface.

API is a set of definitions and protocols that allow technology products and services to communicate with each other via the internet. APIs are how apps talk to each other.

Don’t worry if that sounds confuses you. Let’s use a simple analogy to try to understand what an API is.

Imagine you are building an app like Uber, and when a user signs up, you want to check if their email is valid.

How would you do that?

There’s pretty complicated logic that goes into validating an email address:

You’d check the…

QR (Quick Response) codes are now everywhere. They simplify human lives and are used widely in marketing campaigns, products, banking, media, etc. In the era of smartphones, the value of QR code applications is rapidly increasing. This means that if you develop your web, mobile, or even desktop app, you might need to be able to support QR code generation and recognition. Fortunately, a feature for generating QR codes can be easily done using a special API.

How to get access to the Custom QR Code with Logo API

Custom QR Code with Logo API is available on the RapidAPI platform. To start using this API you should perform the following steps:

1. Sign Up for a RapidAPI user account.

Geographical data is a basic need for various different societal and business layers. For individual purposes, it’s a very useful way of navigation and travel coordination.

You may have situations when your entire route was mapped out on a geo application because you have never personally visited the destination before. But when you are a creator of some product, there is a necessity of interactive maps with your own marks.

It is a widespread practice in the retail, delivery services, banking (addresses of your departments), and many many more areas. …

A few days back, we published a comparison post on two popular weather service APIs, Dark Sky and OpenWeatherMap. In this post, we are going to show you how to make use of the weather data from Dark Sky API to build some animated visualizations.

In recent years, debates around weather and weather conditions have always sparked arguments on global warming. As much as we want to deny it, we feel it every year, with summers getting hotter and winters shrinking. …

What is WhatsApp?

WhatsApp is a fast, simple, and secure messaging platform created by Facebook. Praise for the application typically comes from its ability to secure messages, communicate with large groups, message without fees, and communicate internationally for free.

It’s reported that the app has over 1.5 billion users.

How does WhatsApp API work?

An important distinction between WhatsApp, and SMS services, is that WhatsApp sends messages over the internet. That means there are not SMS fees and international voice calls do not typically incur charges. To use WhatsApp, a person needs;

  1. phone number
  2. internet connection
  3. smartphone

Other features include the ability to send PDFs, Voice Messages, documents…

RapidAPI provides a good deal of News APIs. From technology news to movie articles, you can most likely find what you need for your application here. In this article, we’ll be focusing on the Hacker News API. This is an API for the well renowned Hacker News website, where technology and other different types of articles get submitted, voted and commented on. We’ll be building a simple clone of the website using Ruby on Rails and the API. …

Translation capabilities are commonplace on the web. There are browser add-ons and plenty of translation APIs available. With a global web and marketplace, it’s important to have the ability for users to receive information in their preferred language.

The popular choice is using Google Translate to translate webpage components. However, there are many other interesting APIs available that utilize machine learning and other powerful programming techniques. One of these other translation APIs that I want to explore today is Microsoft Text Translation.

Read the full article on the RapidAPI Blog

In addition to normal translation capabilities, this API offers a text-to-speech translation endpoint that returns an audio file…

Why Build Dictionary JavaScript Dictionary Apps?

There are many easy ways to look up words these days. However, what can separate a normal app from a great dictionary app can depend on the completeness of the information it provides.

A single definition can be misleading and, without context, unhelpful. Different dictionary and word APIs can have their own special niche of information that they provide. Targeting the right audience with an app — perhaps by exploring the API yourself — can open up the possibility of creating a dictionary application that someone had only dreamed could exist.

A great example of a dictionary API that provides…

FPEG detects faces in an image and compresses those regions less than the surrounding pixels. In theory the human visual cortex is more sensitive to compression artifacts on faces then surrounding context, therefore using higher compression in non-facial regions will lead to smaller images with comparable perceived quality. — Andrew Schreiber

Using the face detection API at RapidAPI to reduce the background quality of images while maintaining the resolution of faces and reduce the image size considerably. The name is a play on “Faces JPEG”. This library is based on the strategy of FPEG by Andrew Schreiber.

See Full Article on the RapidAPI Blog

Using Face Detection with PHP Example

This is a…

Let’s create an “Explore the World!” web app with TripAdvisor API. I’ll be showing you how to create the web app from ideation to implementation, and walking you through each step of the way with diagrams, explanations, and code samples.

Let’s get started!

Connect to the Tripadvisor API

How to Build a Simple Travel App

The idea behind the simple web app is to call and get corresponding information from the TripAdvisor API regarding three important trip-planning categories: flights, hotels, and attractions, and then saving the trip itinerary in our database to be retrieved at a later time.

Sounds complicated? It’s okay! Let’s take it one step at a time.

Here is…

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