In the first half of the twentieth century, User Interface (UI) was of limited use as they were utilized only, for the purpose of certain work. When the computer finally arrived during the latter half of the twentieth century, the nature of UI changed. With the advent of the Internet in the 1990s, UI became user-friendly.

Improving User Experience

In twentieth century, Steve Jobs, the founder of Apple Inc., originated the idea of products which are tangibles — iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch and intangibles — iTunes and iBooks. With the invention of these products, he introduced one more ingredient…

Alen Sunny Stephen | Android Front End Developer, RapidValue Solutions

I joined RapidValue as UI/UX Designer few months ago. I got to know about RapidValue from my friend Rino. I had heard about this company that it is exclusively for Mobile Apps. I was looking for an opportunity to join RapidValue, because my previous job I was working on front-end coding for native mobile applications in Java and XML. I’m glad that I made this decision to join RapidValue and I am very happy to be a part of RapidValue family. I am learning many new things, especially since I got a chance to work in many projects as Android…

Alen Sunny Stephen | Android Front End Developer, RapidValue Solutions

As smartphone usage continues to grow, Android mobile OS continues to be the leader. According to a report by Strategy Analytics global market share of Google’s Android is over 79%. The primary reason for this growth is the variety of devices available in the market with Android OS. Devices with different configurations, display densities, customization options and different vendors are available exclusively for Android. Many enterprise mobile application developers look forward to Android as a cost effective platform.

The challenging stage in application development process is the UI, since the app needs to be optimized to fit various devices with…


RapidGems is the design studio from RapidValue, a pioneer in Enterprise Mobility. A launchpad for designers who weave stories through pixels & vectors.

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