How can users set up Optonline email on Mac?

Most users these days use Mac and they must know to set up their email accounts on Mac. The need to set up the optonline account is no different. The problem, however, remains that users may not know about the steps involved as they may not have the required technical acumen to execute the steps all by themselves. In such a scenario, users should not push the panic button and must simply take some assistance from a proficient team.

Following are the steps to set up Optonline email account on Mac as provided by Optonline email customer service-

1- To begin with the process, users must open Apple Mail.
2-To proceed further with the process, all users must click Mail and then they must click on Preferences.
3-Once the above step has been executed then users must go to the Accounts tab and click the plus button which can be found beneath the Accounts field to add a new account.
4-In the next step, users must choose POP3 in Account Type.
5-Once this is done, users must type their Optimum Online e-mail address in the Email Address field.
6-On the similar lines, users must type their name and how you’d like it to appear when people get an e-mail from them.
7-To proceed further with the process, users must provide their e-mail server name in the Incoming Mail Server field.
8-In the Optimum ID field, users must enter their email address as well as in the username field. 
9-To proceed further with the process, users must type their email account password in the password field.
10-Once the above step is executed, then users must type their e-mail server name in the Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP) field.
11- When all the above steps are executed, users must finally click OK
To understand the solution steps for optonline email not working, the best bet for users is to contact the customer service team of Optonline which has some of the most credulous technicians who work round the clock and understand the nitty-gritty of email accounts. Users can rely on their services to get all kinds of issues with their email account fixed, without breaking a sweat. The best part is that the troubleshooting steps provided by them are of top-notch quality and very easy to implement. Apart from giving them a call, they can also post their queries online or can send emails as the Email Address field.