An Brief Insight Into Building Inspection and Inspectors

Building inspection is must for newly bought or built property. It helps in detecting any existing faults within the property. Only a licensed and experienced building inspector should be hired to carry out the task. Read on to find out more.

If somebody is renovating, building or purchasing a new house in Sunshine Coast, it is important for him or her to have an analysis conducted of the property. This analysis, commonly known as building inspection, can be done either before purchase, after renovations or after the construction is complete. It helps in identifying any existing defects within the property.

If you are getting your building inspected, you should know what a building inspection typically covers. However, you can have the following areas of your property inspected:

  1. Conditions of doors and windows
  2. Electrical work
  3. Fixtures and fittings within the property
  4. All kinds of joinery (such as cupboards, cabinetry, etc.)
  5. Drainage and plumbing
  6. Walls
  7. Roof as well as roof space
  8. Underfloor space
  9. Retaining walls
  10. Driveways
  11. Down pipes and guttering
  12. Outbuildings

A standard building inspection reports only the condition of the above mentioned things. But it does not consist of estimates for expenses that might be incurred by the owner for repairing any damages. It would also not provide any information about minor problems like cosmetic issues. However, if you hire a company that offers building and pest inspection in Sunshine Coast together, you can get sufficient amount of data about the presence of pests along with the above mentioned things.

In Sunshine Coast, building inspections are generally done by qualified inspectors having proper licenses and insurance. The inspectors are experienced enough to locate issues which may be hidden. While hiring a building inspector, it is important to make sure that the pro is properly accredited with the pertinent authority. The pro must follow each and every necessary Australian Standard while carrying out the task as well as penning down the report. The report must be delivered containing detailed information on every area of the property which was inspected.

When a building inspector is being considered for hire, questions should be asked about the estimated time the professional would take for completing the assessment and delivering the report. Time often plays an important role if the owner is awaiting the inspection for purchasing the property or rectifying issues with the builder. It is also essential to examine the contract carefully and the uncompleted spaces that would later be filled up by the inspector, with special focus on the fine print. The inspector must agree in writing for conducting an analysis of all areas which may concern the owner. The pro should also carry an appropriate Professional Indemnity Insurance.