A co-authored pome

A friend (Neurodrone — aka Vaibhav Bhembre) wrote this co-authored pome during our Engineering days. We each wrote a line each, without making sense, and the next person had to make sure that he wrote a rhyming second line.

We did pretty good for two stanzas, and this abomination of a pome took birth.

“The rain drops floated over the zephyr free…
and the seismic waves still stung by the sea..
i hold , i wait . i presume i, i jump in glee …
with one hand i google and ther other hand i sip tea..

The drops trickle down and my lips are burnt..
my mind twiddles thoughts as my roof supplements the drizzle
the fire in the hearth .goes wild and fizzles(s).
as i pray to the google god in the quest of my query..”

[…an abstract from the world-famous epic ‘e-stir’ which deals with the delicate entanglement of a wretched cyber-storm and mutated search engines as witnessed by a ‘coffee cup’ off a table top…]