Ad Blocking and the Future of the Web
Jeffrey Zeldman

It’s probably worth keeping in mind that almost all ad blockers work by blocking the browser from loading various URLs. If that URL isn’t in the adblocker’s regex library the ad will get through. For example, if you navigate to CNN with Adblock Plus page elements that have keywords like ad_box or doubleclick will be disabled. However, you’ll still get the various integral elements of the page (they pass through the filter). So if you want to defeat adblock plus you just don’t use banned keywords nor do you load ads from an external site. Doesn’t this cut out the ad brokers? Nope, because there exists a pretty decent way of dynamically populating a local server with ads from a broker and using randomly generated css and tag names. You can even push the click data back to the adbroker. Ad brokers and agencies are like spammers — when you try to block them they’ll eventually find a way through. There may be a period of disruption but it won’t last long. There is simply too much money at stake for anyone to humble accept defeat.