Donald Trump Doesn’t Want Your Opinion On The Media… Just Your Money.
Devin Pike

So the problem is that being sent a 302 Redirect doesn’t actually tell you very much about what is happening on the landing page. Quick bit of background — a 302 is sent as part of the page headers. This is the first bit of information that the browser sees and tells the browser important information (such to redirect the request to another page). Generally speaking the header must be the first bit of information that the browser receives. However, this doesn’t mean that it’s the first action taken by the server. The server could receive the post data, process it, create a connection to a database, generate a query to send to the database, wait for the database to respond, take some action based on that response, do six other things, and then finally send the browser the header information. All of this server side processing would be completely opaque to the browser and there is, literally, no way to tell what the server is doing with the data based on browser/server interaction. So there isn’t any way for the author to determine if the data is being discarded or stored for future reference. However, being that it’s trivial to do this sort of form processing and databases/storage are cheap, and data is valuable there is no compelling reason to simply discard the data.

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