An Open Letter to Millennials Like Talia…
Stefanie Williams

Sorry Stefanie, not everyone can afford to sponge off of their parents while they pay their dues in the service industry. I’m also super happy for the $25/hour you make as a bartender (though, you should be aware that’s about how much you’ll be making your entire career). Is that your taxed amount or what you take home after fudging your claimed tips to minimize your tax burden? Well, either way, in the bay area you’d still be functionally homeless unless you also lived 30 miles away - likely in a direction that isn’t serviced by public transit. Maybe, just maybe, your experiences are entirely your own and have absolutely *no* bearing on anyone else’s experience. Maybe, just maybe, while you sit in judgment on this person you’ve never met you are eliding over all of the lucky breaks and advantages you have. Like suddenly being offered a job or finding a job where you can live at home for 9 months while you are making starvation wages or even being able to find a person you can split an apartment with. But no, we know you worked so hard for what you have. You did it all on your very ownsome without any help. It was just your pluck and verve and go get ‘em attitude that makes you so special. And you are special, a special unique snowflake that kind of enjoys shitting on other people who are in situations you don’t understand. Bu it okay my little engine that could. You are so much more mature at 29 (almost 30! Wow!) than this person so you can talk down to them with your wealth of experience and years of scrappy can do attitude and Horatio Alger work ethic. Good on you! You are *sooooo* much better than Talia, aren’t you?

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