She is on the receiving end of my disdain for multiple reasons, none of which are because she lost…
Stefanie Williams

Stefanie, your reading comprehension must have taken a hit when you started tending bar. She wasn’t asking *strangers* for handouts. She was asking the owner of her company to pay her enough to live on. I’m not sure how you missed that. She later added an addendum to her letter, after she was fired, asking people for support.

But hey, I get it, you’re doing well and this person’s complaints just make you sick. Of course, you have a lot of advantages she doesn’t seem to have - like being able to live rent free for 9 months, or having family and friends in an area. Or having access to a world class public transit system. Or having the flexibility provided by an industry gig to get a second job if necessary. You don’t seem to want to address those but, instead, really just want to complain about someone else’s complaints. You didn’t actually offer anything in the way of advice - just a rant about how much better you handled your particular situation. Which hey, no problem. That’s fine and it certainly fun to write.

What bothers me, and bothers me deeply, is that you went out of your way to engage in poor shaming. You didn’t do this just once but multiple times. In fact, I’m starting to think that’s the real root of your anger. From what I’m reading you seem to think that if someone says they are broke they shouldn’t have *anything*. It’s like all of the right wingers who get *outraged* when they see someone using SNAP benefits who also has a cellphone. So, because Talia is complaining about money she shouldn’t be given the opportunity to have *anything* in her life that brings her any sort of pleasure.

So let me ask you something, when you were working as a hostess for minimum wage and living at your mom’s house did you give up *everything* that made you happy? Did you stop eating out? Did you stop going to movies? Did you stop going to bars with your coworkers after a shift? Did you stop going out to meet your friends for coffee? I’m thinking that, even during this period of financial distress, you still found the money to do a few nice things for yourself. So are you really going to begrudge this person the same?

As an aside, I’ve a certain amount of experience with the industry and am familiar with how seductive it can be. So my unsolicited advice is that if you plan on making this a career you should understand that you’ve probably already hit your peak earnings. You can only sling so many after all. So unless you start planning (and planning now) to raise the capital for your own establishment or transition over to being a rep (or can somehow work your way into being an ambassador) what you make now is what you’ll be making years from now. Just saying this so we don’t have to read something from you in 10 years about how the industry chewed you up and spit you out with nothing to show for it.

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