I know you’re right.
Josh Michtom

But we have representational government. In a state like Connecticut, which is 87% white with a large percentage, if not a preponderance, of them in the middle class, how exactly do you build the political framework to radically change the status quo?

At the same time, “at the expense of others” is not a good argument. If I have a million dollars and I spend it on myself, am I doing so “at the expense of others”? There is no law (nor will there ever be a law) that stipulates every school district within a state must be funded equally on a per pupil basis.

The huge disparity of educational outcomes in the state give lie the problem: for most communities, student outcomes are great. The status quo is working *tremendously well* for them. They have no incentive to change it and they happen to be in the majority in a jurisdiction with proportional representation.

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