Showing Your Financial Brushstrokes
Rosamund Lannin

I find it heavily ironic that you’re saying we shouldn’t hide our financial “brushstrokes” while describing your situation almost exclusively in qualitative measures little better than “we’re comfortable” or “the timing was right”.

I mean, you have a job? You’re employed? You have money in a bank account that’s enough to cover the essentials and some non-essentials? Isn’t that just a more roundabout way of saying “I’m comfortable”?

How much money do you make? What’s your net worth? How much debt do you have? How much are you paying for your wedding? These are questions with real, actual numbers behind them. Am I the only person who finds it hypocritical to say “don’t hide your numbers!” and then the only substantive number that you’ve given is a number that is a matter of public record?

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