I’m honestly pretty sure this “linear pathway” was only the norm for about a fifty-year timespan…
Elizabeth Belyeu

I think this is a point that many people are forgetting. It wasn’t too long ago in America where nuclear families lived 3–4 to a room and the vast majority of jobs were low-skilled, low-wage professions where people’s main concerns were less about contentment and more about putting food on the table.

It was at Cracked (an internet humor website, of all places) that I first read that most of the writers’ rooms at TV shows are populated by creative types who went to Ivy League schools. The depiction of “TV poor” is already a kind of living standard that’s beyond what a shocking number of Americans can afford today.

It takes more than just a college degree to enter into the well paid professional class, and for the vast majority of people, it’s out of their reach. Unfortunately, being part of the well paid professional class is seen as the end goal for most families. We shouldn’t be surprised when many of them fail in that regard.

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