The Excess of Less
Ester Bloom

I think we can break down this dynamic in a few points:

  1. Wealthy people may have money, which allows them to buy things that the less wealthy cannot, but crucially, they cannot buy more time. They can only buy (or do) things that can save them time.
  2. Decluttering/minimalism is a way of organizing your life to get rid of anything that might cause you to spend time inefficiently, which inherently appeals to people who are both wealthy and time constrained.
  3. As decluttering/minimalism gains traction among a large percentage of the upper/upper middle class who actually benefit from it, it invariably attracts people of lesser means in an attempt to signal that they belong to the same status of those people, even though it doesn’t necessarily improve their own lives.
  4. Intellectual backlash from reactionaries.